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#170 UC Davis

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Projection: need to automatically qualify

UC Davis's projection for the Big Dance hinges heavily on an automatic bid by clinching their conference tourney, because their overall body of work lacks statement wins that catch the committee's eyes. While they've shown they can handle business within their league, evidenced by a strong finish and victories against teams like UC Irvine and Long Beach State, losses to UC Riverside and CS Bakersfield indicate inconsistency. Especially concerning are their out-of-conference performances, with losses to stronger programs like Nevada and Oregon State undercutting their resume. Without quality non-conference wins or a high-caliber strength of schedule, the Aggies' route to the brackets is pretty straightforward: win the conference tournament or bust.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/14(N)N Dakota St279W68-53
11/26CS Sacramento305L69-63
11/30@Oregon St147L71-59
12/9WI Milwaukee231L81-79
12/28UC Santa Barbara214W76-62
12/30Cal Poly339W71-46
1/4@UC Riverside210W83-63
1/6@UC Irvine73L74-71
1/11CS Northridge221W95-75
1/13CS Bakersfield256W78-71
1/18@CS Fullerton245W67-65
1/20UC Irvine73W54-52
1/27UC San Diego125L92-59
2/1@UC Santa Barbara214W79-69
2/3@Cal Poly339W59-52
2/8CS Fullerton245W71-58
2/15Long Beach St157L78-74
2/17UC Riverside210L67-61
2/22@CS Northridge221W66-65
2/24@CS Bakersfield256L75-56
3/7@UC San Diego125W70-63
3/9@Long Beach St157W88-78
3/16(N)Long Beach St157L74-70