I am a core developer for a number of open source codes, primarily written in the Julia programming language:

AffineInvariantMCMC: A Julia implementation of Goodman & Weare’s affine invariant Markov chain Monte Carlo method

Anasol: Implements analytical solutions for advection dispersion equations with anomalous dispersion

BIGUQ: Implements an approach to decision analysis that combines Bayesian methods with information gap decision theory

BrownianSources: Efficient, approximate implementation of arrival time distributions for advection-dispersion processes

DistributionSums: Efficient, approximate implementation of distributions of sums of independent random variables

FEHM: Julia interface for working with FEHM and its input/output files

GeostatInversion: Implements the principal component geostatistical approach and the randomized geostatistical approach

Kriging: Julia package for Kriging

Mads: Model Analysis and Decision Support tool, primarily aimed at models that rely on legacy simulators

MetaProgTools: Metaprogramming tools for Julia

MutlizoneTransport: Semi-analytical solutions for simulating groundwater contaminant transport through a sequence of saturated and unsaturaed zones

Origami: Solves nonnegative/binary matrix factorization problems using classical computing and quantum annealing

RegAE: Leverages a variational autoencoder to reduce the dimensionality of inverse problems and learn to regularize

ReusableFunctions: Memoizes function evaluations to disk

RobustPmap: Parallel map implementation with robust error checking

ThreeQ: Tool for programming quantum annealers

Wells: Analytical solutions for groundwater flow problems