NCAA Tournament March Madness

#47 Utah St

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Projected seed: 7

Utah State has had a compelling season with an impressive overall record, but there's a mix of shine and smudge on their resume that demands a critical look. Wins against Colorado State at home and a road triumph over Boise State attest to their ability to hang with the upper crust of the Mountain West. However, losses to Nevada and a pair of defeats to San Diego State, including one in the conference tournament, expose a bit of vulnerability against top-tier competition. Meanwhile, their non-conference slate lacks a signature win, and close calls against lower-ranked teams like Southern Utah and Santa Clara might not wow the committee. Their offensive metrics suggest they can score with the best, but defensive concerns, highlighted in losses where they've given up substantial points, could raise eyebrows concerning their ability to perform in the pressure cooker of March Madness. Resilience is a keyword for the Aggies, with a clutch win against New Mexico underscoring their capacity for tense-game execution. The team needs to maintain that competitive edge, tightening the screws defensively to bolster their tournament resume further.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/14Southern Utah254W93-84
11/21(N)SF Austin165W79-49
11/28@St Louis190W81-76
12/2UC Irvine73W79-69
12/6San Diego251W108-81
12/13@Santa Clara107W84-82
12/16(N)San Francisco89W54-53
1/2@Air Force288W88-60
1/6Colorado St34W77-72
1/16@New Mexico23L99-86
1/20Fresno St208W83-62
1/27@Boise St59W90-84
1/30San Jose St257W82-61
2/3@San Diego St20L81-67
2/10Boise St59W80-61
2/17@Colorado St34L75-55
2/20San Diego St20W68-63
2/27@Fresno St208W77-73
3/1Air Force288W72-60
3/6@San Jose St257W90-70
3/9New Mexico23W87-85
3/14(N)Fresno St208W87-75
3/15(N)San Diego St20L86-70