NCAA Tournament March Madness

#267 Denver

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Projection: need to automatically qualify

Peering into Denver's dossier, the case for tournament optimism depends heavily on securing the automatic bid from the Summit League—anything less would leave them on the outside looking in. Despite an adept scoring offense, glaring defensive vulnerability is stark against strong competition, reflected by tough losses against Colorado State and BYU, schools currently cast as true contenders. Nonetheless, Denver has shown moxie in conference play with a standout win over South Dakota State and resilience in close games, but these merits are overshadowed by consistency woes and setbacks to lower-tiered conference opponents like North Dakota. To boost tournament prospects, Denver's pathway is clear: Patch up the defensive holes and rally their offensive firepower to seize the conference title, as reliance on at-large credentials from a mid-major with such defensive deficiencies is a pipe dream.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/6@UC San Diego125L95-87
11/9Cal Poly339W97-76
11/15(N)Nicholls St233W91-85
11/17@South Alabama217L82-75
11/26@TX A&M Commerce330W71-61
12/6@Colorado St34L90-80
12/29@NE Omaha268W95-80
12/31Oral Roberts291L89-86
1/3Idaho St264W95-82
1/6@N Colorado205L86-82
1/13S Dakota St146W99-80
1/18@N Dakota St279W78-70
1/20@North Dakota250L92-78
1/25South Dakota321W111-110
1/27NE Omaha268L91-72
2/1@Missouri KC238L85-71
2/3@Oral Roberts291L82-76
2/8@South Dakota321L92-86
2/10St Thomas MN173W94-77
2/15North Dakota250L92-78
2/17N Dakota St279W77-71
2/22@S Dakota St146L97-70
2/29Missouri KC238L84-69
3/2@St Thomas MN173L83-58
3/9(N)Missouri KC238W61-60
3/11@NE Omaha268W66-63
3/12(N)S Dakota St146L76-68