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#291 Oral Roberts

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Projection: need to automatically qualify

Oral Roberts' season has been a rocky road, with a more turbulent than tranquil journey through their campaign. Several close shaves against high-level opponents signal a team that can compete but often falls short when it's crunch time. Notable engagements where Oral Roberts showed glimpses of potential include tight contests against Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Kansas State—all significantly stronger programs that didn't exactly breeze through their meetings with the Golden Eagles. However, their inability to consistently dominate lower-ranked teams within their conference, evidenced by losses to North Dakota State, Omaha, and regular-season bouts with South Dakota State, has put them in a position where there's no room for error. If they were to make waves in the NCAA tournament, they would need to punch their ticket by snagging the Summit League's automatic berth, as their overall performance hasn't been convincing enough to warrant an at-large bid.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/6@UT Arlington116L75-71
11/13@Missouri St134L84-69
11/17@Texas A&M27L74-66
11/21TX Southern275W65-63
11/28@Kansas St65L88-78
12/12@Texas Tech38L82-76
12/17@Oklahoma St128L81-60
12/29@Missouri KC238L77-60
1/3@Montana St204W82-76
1/6Weber St163L83-78
1/11South Dakota321W84-66
1/13St Thomas MN173L87-76
1/18@North Dakota250L87-77
1/20@N Dakota St279L72-67
1/25NE Omaha268W74-67
1/27S Dakota St146W87-82
2/8@St Thomas MN173L85-63
2/10@S Dakota St146L83-72
2/15N Dakota St279L73-60
2/17North Dakota250L78-65
2/22@NE Omaha268L71-70
2/24@South Dakota321L77-76
3/3Missouri KC238L71-54
3/8(N)South Dakota321W77-62
3/9(N)S Dakota St146L79-63