NCAA Tournament March Madness

#20 San Diego St

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Projected seed: 5

San Diego State has pieced together a formidable season, highlighted by a big win on the road against a powerhouse Gonzaga team and solid victories against notable conference rivals such as New Mexico, Nevada, and Boise State. They've also made their case with respectable defensive metrics, anchored by their consistently tough defensive play. Though the squad stumbled against UNLV and Boise State, their ability to bounce back in rematches, especially in the heated environment of conference play, speaks to their resilience and adaptability. Their propensity to handle business against lesser-ranked opposition, only faltering a few times in matchups which might be considered trap games, suggests they have the focus and discipline necessary for the big dance. With a few blemishes against stronger opponents like BYU and Grand Canyon, San Diego State's performance throughout the season does, however, present a level of volatility that could turn heads or break hearts come tournament time.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/6CS Fullerton245W83-57
11/14Long Beach St157W88-76
11/17(N)St Mary's CA39W79-54
12/1@UC San Diego125W63-62
12/5@Grand Canyon45L79-73
12/9UC Irvine73W63-62
1/3Fresno St208W74-47
1/9@San Jose St257W81-78
1/13@New Mexico23L88-70
1/20@Boise St59L67-66
1/30@Colorado St34L79-71
2/3Utah St47W81-67
2/6@Air Force288W77-64
2/13Colorado St34W71-55
2/16New Mexico23W81-70
2/20@Utah St47L68-63
2/24@Fresno St208W73-41
2/27San Jose St257W72-64
3/8Boise St59L79-77
3/15(N)Utah St47W86-70
3/16(N)New Mexico23L68-61