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#173 St Thomas MN

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Projection: need to automatically qualify

This St. Thomas squad has shown resilience and a knack for competition, particularly within its own conference, but it's clear that their tournament hopes are pinned on securing the Summit League's automatic bid. The Tommies’ non-conference performance lacked significant standout wins and included several close losses to mid-tier opponents. Notably, their narrow defeat at Marquette hints at the potential to challenge top-tier teams, yet losses to lower-ranked teams like Cal Poly and South Dakota raise questions. On the defensive end, they've been more consistent, which they've leaned on to keep games within reach. To solidify their case, the Tommies need to capture their conference tournament; otherwise, an at-large bid remains a long shot due to their middling performance out of conference and lack of marque victories.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/10Idaho St264W54-53
11/17(N)Cal Poly339L61-60
11/18@Cal Baptist196L66-62
11/19(N)Portland St249W76-70
11/25@WI Green Bay223L64-51
12/1@W Michigan297W65-51
12/6WI Milwaukee231W75-71
12/10@Chicago St310W66-50
12/29@North Dakota250W70-45
12/31Missouri KC238W77-56
1/6CS Sacramento305W63-50
1/11S Dakota St146L81-80
1/13@Oral Roberts291W87-76
1/18@South Dakota321L74-73
1/25N Dakota St279W79-66
1/27North Dakota250L74-64
2/1@NE Omaha268L69-65
2/3@Missouri KC238W71-56
2/8Oral Roberts291W85-63
2/17South Dakota321W83-80
2/22@N Dakota St279L64-50
2/24@S Dakota St146L77-72
2/29NE Omaha268W88-61
3/10(N)N Dakota St279W68-58
3/11(N)S Dakota St146L59-49