NCAA Tournament March Madness

#146 S Dakota St

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Projected seed: 15 (automatic qualifier)

S Dakota St has carved out a respectable season, showcasing an ability to take care of business in their own backyard within the Summit League, especially as they dispatched Denver and St Thomas MN on their path. However, their non-conference resume leaves much to be desired, with losses against all of their more challenging opponents like Kansas State, UCF, and George Mason, which indicates struggles against higher-tier competition. While wins are wins, and they've certainly stacked those in conference play, the lack of a marquee out-of-conference victory or a closely contested battle with a powerhouse program leaves their overall portfolio looking a bit thin. The Jackrabbits will need to rely on their conference tournament performance to punch their ticket to the dance and prove that they can step up when the spotlight is brightest.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/13@Kansas St65L91-68
11/20(N)George Mason98L73-71
11/22@Southern Miss229W65-54
12/9(N)Wichita St159W79-69
12/21(N)Norfolk St234L84-65
12/31North Dakota250W80-61
1/3@Weber St163L75-73
1/6Montana St204W89-61
1/11@St Thomas MN173W81-80
1/18NE Omaha268W90-87
1/20@South Dakota321W73-55
1/25Missouri KC238W75-66
1/27@Oral Roberts291L87-82
2/1N Dakota St279L74-73
2/4South Dakota321W70-67
2/10Oral Roberts291W83-72
2/15@Missouri KC238L72-67
2/17@NE Omaha268W85-77
2/24St Thomas MN173W77-72
2/29@North Dakota250W72-62
3/2@N Dakota St279W78-61
3/9(N)Oral Roberts291W79-63
3/11(N)St Thomas MN173W59-49