NCAA Tournament March Madness

#123 Seattle

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Projection: likely out

This season, Seattle's performance has shown a mix of resilience and inconsistency. The impressive wins against top-tier opponents like Grand Canyon have certainly turned some heads. However, tight games against significantly lower-ranked teams raise red flags, particularly the losses to in-conference rivals such as Southern Utah and Tarleton State. While they boast a commendable defense, their offensive struggles can't be discounted. These close-call victories and concerning defeats don't make a strong case for tournament security, and the lack of dominant performances against weaker opponents is a chink in their armor. The team's overall body of work suggests they would need a strong conference tournament showing, ideally a championship victory, to solidify their spot in the NCAA tournament. Without that, they're on rather shaky ground.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/8Prairie View343W71-60
11/11Montana St204W71-68
11/15Northern Arizona287L62-60
11/26UC San Diego125W79-67
11/29@Utah Valley174L78-72
12/2Southern Utah254W73-63
12/13@San Francisco89L62-59
12/20Louisiana Tech95W79-73
1/4Utah Tech281W70-53
1/6Cal Baptist196W48-46
1/13@UT Arlington116L80-75
1/18@SF Austin165L89-84
1/20Grand Canyon45W86-79
1/26Utah Valley174W62-61
2/1@Grand Canyon45L95-88
2/3@Cal Baptist196W61-60
2/8Abilene Chr192W75-52
2/10Tarleton St112L82-77
2/15@Southern Utah254W78-68
2/17@Utah Tech281W66-65
2/22SF Austin165W69-49
2/29UT Arlington116L82-62
3/7@Abilene Chr192L64-59
3/9@Tarleton St112L69-66
3/14(N)Cal Baptist196W81-57
3/15(N)Grand Canyon45L80-72