NCAA Tournament March Madness

#340 Southern Indiana

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Projection: need to automatically qualify

A team's performance throughout the season against high-caliber opponents is a telling factor in gauging tournament chances. Southern Indiana has been through the wringer with a series of challenging games. Encounters against powerhouse programs like Michigan State and Duke offer invaluable experience but also highlight the gulf in class, with defeats despite commendable efforts. Illinois and Indiana State have also illustrated the gap between Southern Indiana and the top-tier teams within their region. Credit where credit's due, victories indicate potential and competitiveness against similarly situated opponents; however, the losses, particularly against teams like SE Missouri State and Lindenwood, which ought to be more evenly matched contests, raise concerns about consistency and the ability to secure wins in crunch situations. With such a mix of outcomes, notably struggles to find victories against higher-ranked opposition, the path to the madness of March looks narrow, hinged upon an exceptional run in the conference tournament to punch a ticket to the Big Dance.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/6@St Louis190L75-63
11/9@Michigan St28L74-51
11/12Chicago St310L78-67
11/18@La Salle187L79-78
12/2Bowling Green206L54-52
12/9@Indiana St32L98-54
12/22@S Illinois118L81-50
12/29@SE Missouri St349L93-91
1/4Tennessee St282W69-67
1/6Tennessee Tech323L73-59
1/18Ark Little Rock209L77-75
1/20Morehead St103L81-70
1/25W Illinois243L73-68
2/1@Tennessee Tech323W74-71
2/3@Tennessee St282L79-74
2/8E Illinois319L81-71
2/15@TN Martin185L77-68
2/17@Ark Little Rock209L80-62
2/20@Morehead St103W80-73
2/24@W Illinois243L82-76
3/2SE Missouri St349L70-66
3/6(N)Tennessee St282L78-64