NCAA Tournament March Madness

#81 Louisiana Tech

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Projected seed: 14 (automatic qualifier)

Louisiana Tech has built a resume with a fair mix of victories and missed opportunities. While they've been solid within Conference USA, the losses to Colorado State, New Mexico, St. Louis, Seattle, and Grand Canyon hint at struggles to close out games against higher competition. Their best win comes against McNeese State, a strong mid-major opponent, which helps their case. Defensively, they are stout, which can disrupt higher-seeded teams—an important factor in the unpredictability of the tournament. Their offense, however, could be a concern when facing off against the disciplined defenses likely to be encountered in the postseason. Louisiana Tech's ability to bolster their resume further primarily hinges on avoiding upsets in their final regular-season games and making a deep run, ideally winning the Conference USA tournament, to secure an automatic bid. Consistency on both ends of the floor in these closing games will be crucial for enhancing their tournament outlook and ensuring they aren't solely reliant on an auto-bid to dance in March.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/6@Colorado St31L81-73
11/21Southern Utah252W67-53
11/22McNeese St45W71-62
11/29@New Mexico37L74-65
12/2Nicholls St272W68-55
12/5@SF Austin161W56-49
12/12SE Louisiana293W89-60
12/16@St Louis196L75-74
12/30@Grand Canyon49L73-70
1/6@Sam Houston St145L81-77
1/20@Jacksonville St198W74-57
1/27New Mexico St256W73-53
2/1@Florida Intl268W93-53
2/15Jacksonville St198W63-58
2/17Florida Intl268W75-68
2/24@New Mexico St256W67-58
3/7Sam Houston St14577%