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#253 MTSU

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Projection: need to automatically qualify

Navigating through a challenging slate with several close contests and tough losses, this team's performance against higher echelon opponents like St Mary's CA and Liberty — where the scorelines hinted at a tangible gulf in class — suggests that they've struggled to compete consistently at a higher level. However, their record is dotted with bright spots, including wins over opponents such as SF Austin and Missouri St, indicating that they have the capacity to pull off upsets. Despite these moments of success, the team's inability to string together a strong series of victories, particularly within their own conference against teams like UAB and WKU, demonstrates a lack of the sustained excellence required to solidify a more confident position in the NCAA tournament outside of an automatic bid by winning their conference tournament. Their performance has shown some resilience, as evidenced by the win against Louisiana Tech in the conference tournament, but they'll need to channel that same energy and execution into every minute of their conference tournament to punch their ticket.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/6N Kentucky183W74-57
11/9SF Austin165W67-62
11/13W Carolina114L66-64
11/24(N)IL Chicago193L70-40
11/26(N)Missouri KC238W63-59
12/5Missouri St134W77-73
12/19@St Mary's CA39L71-34
12/22@Southern Utah254L69-63
12/30@Murray St158L75-54
1/11Louisiana Tech95L60-52
1/13Sam Houston St139L60-51
1/20@New Mexico St260L73-62
1/24Jacksonville St215W75-67
1/27Florida Intl270W79-61
2/10@Florida Intl270W68-66
2/15New Mexico St260W76-69
2/21@Jacksonville St215L76-68
3/2@Sam Houston St139L81-64
3/9@Louisiana Tech95L84-70
3/13(N)Louisiana Tech95W70-67