NCAA Tournament March Madness

#86 Loyola-Chicago

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Projection: likely out

Loyola-Chicago's resume presents a mixed bag that leaves them on the precarious edge when looking at the broader tournament field. While they have a critical victory over a respected Dayton team that boosts their profile, their earlier losses to Florida Atlantic and Creighton have shown that they struggle against high-caliber opponents. Additionally, stumbles against more modest competition like Illinois Chicago, Tulsa, and a pair of losses to St. Bonaventure don't help their cause. These inconsistencies, especially against teams they would be expected to beat, could haunt them come selection time. Their offense hasn't been particularly dominant, which could be a concern in high-pressure tournament scenarios, and while their defense is more solid, you need balance to advance in March. They need to maximize their performance in their conference tournament to solidify their stance; a strong showing there is essential to bolster their argument for an at-large bid, but right now, they're on shaky ground.

Date Opponent Ranking Outcome
11/8(N)FL Atlantic31L75-62
11/11E Illinois319W89-65
11/14IL Chicago193L72-67
11/18New Orleans338W73-70
11/23(N)Boston College84W71-68
11/28Chicago St310W62-53
12/16@South Florida72L77-64
12/19Charleston So318W72-59
12/30C Michigan240W73-35
1/3@St Louis190W80-73
1/13@St Joseph's PA105W78-75
1/30St Louis190W77-62
2/7@George Mason98W85-79
2/10@G Washington199W81-73
2/14St Joseph's PA105W64-59
2/18@Rhode Island197W77-67
2/24George Mason98W80-59
2/27@St Bonaventure109L79-64
3/9La Salle187W64-54
3/14(N)St Bonaventure109L75-74